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We’ve Got You Covered

Your roof is your home’s frontline defender from the elements. But if Calgary is known for anything (and we’re known for a lot), it’s our tumultuous and sometimes unpredictable weather patterns.

Hail storms are common in our city, and they can cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year! So, who will you turn to when hail storms damage your roof? Choose the team at Green Sky, Inc! But even if you have not experienced a hail storm, your roof could still use a professional’s touch to help ensure it is always top-notch.

We will work with your insurance company or provide the financing options you need to ensure your roof is taken care of.

Please, contact us today!

Here’s What You Need to Know

#1: Your Home Needs Help

While hail can do some serious damage to your property, so can seasonal wear and tear. The very first thing you need to know is when your home needs a restoration. You can tell if your roof needs a replacement if:

  • You have cracked shingles.
  • Your roof is leaking.
  • You are missing shingles
  • Your roof has suffered extensive weather damage.

Spend a few minutes to assess the damage to your roof, siding, soffit, eavestrough, and fascia. Take pictures wherever possible to ensure our team and your insurance provider clearly understand the work your home needs.

#2: Make an Insurance Claim or Apply for Financing

Speaking of insurance, please speak to your insurance provider about what is covered under your plan. We will be happy to work with your insurer to provide solutions that best serve you.

If you are looking to upgrade your roofing system or do not have insurance, you can always finance your project through Financeit!

Find out how you can do this by checking out our financing and insurance pages!

#3: Contact Our Team for a Quote

Once you have assessed the damage and understand what is covered under your plan, contact our team so we can take a look at your home’s needs. Estimates are absolutely free, and we will be happy to provide you with a range of excellent product options.

#4: Trust Our Team to Get the Work Done

Now leave it to the pros! Our team will be in constant contact with you to make sure you understand everything we are doing. From the type of shingles we’re using to how we dispose of materials in an environmentally friendly way, you are a part of the team every step of the way!



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Your Insurance May Cover the Cost!

Emergencies happen, so if your home is damaged from hail, rain, wind, or debris, we will work with your insurance company to find repair options that work for you.

If you want to upgrade your home’s siding with Lux Architectural Products, Maibec CanExel, Easy Trim Reveals, AL13, we can help find you the financing you need so your home looks absolutely gorgeous.

Why Choose Green Sky, Inc.?

We Ensure Your Roof Lasts for Years

Even if you’ve experienced extensive hail damage, we can help install new roofing and siding made from quality materials to ensure your building stops the next hail storm right in its tracks. There’s no alternative for quality, and Green Sky, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best.

We can also help you find options to upgrade your roofing system further, extending it’s life for years to come.

Your Tenants Don’t Have to Lift a Finger

No matter the building you own, you want to ensure your tenants can go about their day-to-day undisturbed. Our team can work with you so we’re working at the best times for your building, keeping you and your occupants safe and happy.

Competitive Retail Prices

Prices can vary depending on the project, but we will always ensure that we can provide our services for an undeniable price. If your project is a bit out of your expected budget, we can always work with your insurance provider or even offer financing options through Financeit.

Why Choose Green Sky, Inc.?

If you’ve experienced roofing damage from hail, wind, rain, or more, we would be honoured to help you file an insurance claim so you can restore your roof to what it was before.

The Green Sky Advantage

We Protect Your Home

No matter the season, your roof is there to protect you and your family against everything Mother Nature can throw at it. Roofs can take a beating over the years from hail, rain, snow, branches, and other debris. But by repairing and restoring your roof, you can extend your home’s lifetime and even help increase its value.

In-House & Product Guarantees You Can Rely On

Green Sky, Inc. is proud to serve Calgary, so we offer an incredible 5-year workmanship warranty and honour any warranties provided by the products we use.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

At Green Sky, Inc., we look at the big picture. By providing a range of eco-friendly roofing solutions, we ensure your home is protected with little impact on our environment.

We Use the Best Products in the Industry

Your roof deserves nothing but the best. We choose to use the highest quality products in the industry, including Owens Corning, Iko, Malarkey, and more! When you upgrade your roof with any of the products we offer, you can rest assured that your home will be protected for up to 25 years or more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Insurance to Get a New Roof?

No, you do not! We are ready to take on any project thrown at us, so we are here to help no matter your needs. Our retail services are perfect if you are looking to improve the quality of your roof by installing a cutting-edge roofing system using products from Malarkey, Owens Corning, Euroshield, and more!

Choose the colour of your new roof, the materials it’s made of, and enjoy warranties that can last you a lifetime.

How Long Does a Replacement Take?

Every project is different, but we take the time to ensure your roof, siding, and eavestrough is taken care of. For the most part, you can expect these to take a couple of days. If you’d like to know more about the scope of your particular roof repair, please contact us today!

What’s the Difference Between Repairs & Restorations?

The difference between repairs and restorations is quite simple:

  • Restorations help maintain your roof’s quality by cleaning debris, making small repairs, and even repainting areas, so it looks as good as new.
  • Repairs help fix problems like leaking and replaces damaged shingles and tiles.

What Should I Avoid?

As insurance experts, we will work closely with your insurance provider to ensure your every need is being met. However, you may want to even upgrade your roof with our premium products in some cases.

Will You Need Access to My Home?

Upgrading your home with a modern roofing system adds immense value to your home while also improving its safety. You should always consider upgrading your roof if:

When Should I Upgrade My Roof?

In most cases, we will not need to enter your home to perform a roofing repair. But every home is different, and the extent of roofing damage can range dramatically, especially after a hail storm. Please give us a call to discuss your roofing repair.

  • It is missing shingles
  • There are leaks in your ceiling
  • Rodents are infesting your home
  • You have not had any roof work done for up to 20 years

We will supply you with cutting edge products from leading manufacturers, including Owens Corning and Malarkey, at unbeatable prices. You can even finance your upgrade through Financeit!










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