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The Roof Insurance Claim Process

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An insurance adjuster examining damaged shingles.

Everything we do at Green Sky Roofing is done with a focus on quality and transparency. We want each one of our customers to understand exactly what their roof needs so they can keep it fending off the elements all year round.

But accidents do happen, and over time you’ll be faced with the decision to get your roofing restored and repaired. Over the years of serving Calgarians and providing them with roofs that will stand the test of time, we’ve noticed that some homeowners may not be aware that they can get their roof covered by their home insurance provider, or they feel daunted by the entire process in general.

Green Sky Roofing is committed to helping homeowners find the best ways to keep their homes protected without letting their wallets become too light in the process. Today, we’re going to dive into how you can initiate your insurance claim process and what you need to know to get your project finished on-budget and above expectations. 

Assessing Your Roof For Damage

The very first step you will need to take before you start your insurance claim process is to assess your roof for any possible damage. In every case, it is always a good idea to get your roof inspected by our professionals first.

Knowing the difference between what kind of damage your roof has will make a huge difference in ensuring you get your costs covered by insurance. Many home insurance plans won’t cover certain types of damage (like normal wear and tear), but a professional can help search for other damages to warrant an insurance claim.

Signs of Damage

Hail and wind damage, in particular, is a significant contributor to insurance claims in Calgary. Hail damage looks a lot different than regular wear, and your professional roofing inspector can tell the difference by spotting:

  • Bruising on asphalt shingles
  • Splits in wood shingles
  • Dents in metal shingles, gutters, and fascia
  • Hail granules in your drainage system
  • Missing shingles
  • Window frame cracks 
  • Dents in the garage door  
  • Paint chips on the fence and deck
  • Hail damage on BBQs
  • Gazebo dents and damage

Document, Document, Document

No two insurance plans are alike, and you’ll likely have to do some research on your particular insurance plan to see if your damages are covered.

One thing you should be routinely doing as a homeowner is inspecting your roof for damage and documenting its condition (with the dates included). This information is crucial for any insurance claim as some damages might only have a small window of time to be fixed before it falls out of your insurance requirements (In Canada, the timeline is 2 years from the date of damage).

When it’s time to make a claim, you will have a wealth of information to provide as proof as well as a professional inspection to back up your claim. Not only will this help you get approved for insurance, but this will also streamline the process for your insurance company, helping you get your roof fixed sooner.

Please, do not go up to your roof. If you prefer to inspect the damage yourself, see what you can discover from the ground and take pictures to provide to your insurance company when you make a claim.  Even if you have your roof inspected by a professional, make sure you are getting detailed documentation of all damages your roof may have and the repairs it needs.

Making The Claim

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once your roof is inspected by a professional roofing restoration company and you have a complete roof damage assessment, you need to start the claim process, you can contact your insurance provider.

Take note that your insurance company will ask a series of questions when you start your claim process, so be prepared to answer them with documentation. They will ask you questions regarding the date you experienced damage and if your roof was damaged by hail or wind. Please ensure that when you call them, you have your insurance policy number available. The insurance will give you a claim number and a designated adjuster.

Damage Assessment

Next, an insurance adjuster will be sent to your house to assess the condition of your roof and the total amount of damage.

Insurance companies may hire a third-party adjuster if there has been a recent storm and they have to process many claims at once. Because of their limited man power, they will have to hire their preferred contractor to complete the assessment.

After a severe storm, third-party companies will have to inspect 5–10 homes a day. They only get paid around $200 to go on-site, inspect the damages on the property (a process that they may speed through in 30 minutes, when in reality it should take 1–2 hours), document everything, and then go back to the office and write up the estimate (which takes up to 1 hour). 

This is a big problem as the quality of the inspection can be compromised a lot of the time. They can also make a lot of typing mistakes while building the estimate, resulting in an incorrect payout. The estimate is built on the insurance software called Xactimate, which is a complicated software that takes a few years to learn how to use it. 

At the end of the day, insurance or third-party companies are always missing damage to things like your chimney vent, metal cladding, window cracks, BBQ, Gazebo, and that could result in less money on your pay out, which can be frustrating for you and your family.

If your insurance company plans to send an insurance adjuster to your home, please don’t hesitate to call our roofing experts to be a part of the inspection process. Especially if our team was part of your roof’s original assessment, we will help illustrate what your roof needs and provide an estimate to the adjuster, ensuring your roof is getting the repairs it needs to protect your home and family.

Green Sky’s goal is to ensure that all the items damaged from the storm are covered in the estimate. We have a team that will review the estimate and in most cases, supplement the items that are missed. All items missed will result in lower property value.

Damage Estimate

After, we will send a new revised estimate to the adjuster for approval. The insurance company will always pay for damages that are being found on the property if they are documented with excellent-quality pictures.

What if Your Claim is Denied?

The claim will be denied if there is no damage found. Many contractors will claim that there is damage when there is not. This is why it’s important to hire the right roofing restoration company. 

Here is what we look for during our inspection process: 

We will inspect the roof first, looking for small bruises on the shingles, lost granules, cracked vents, chimney cap damage, and more. We will take overview pictures of the roof and close-up shots of the damage to help illustrate the damage to the adjuster clearly. We will inspect all the soft metal as well, which includes the eavestrough, downpipe, fascia, metal cladding, window frame, overhead door, man door, as well as chipped painting on the fence and deck. 

The goal of the inspection is to be thorough. Our inspection documentation will include a scope of the damages and over 100-200 pictures. All the data will be imported into the insurance estimate software Xactimate and will be sent for approval. Most of the time we could get the claims approved in 2 weeks.       

Failing that, Green Sky Roofing is also happy to provide financing options so you can get your roof repaired. Please take a look at our financing page to see what you need to do first to finance your roofing project today.

Contractors repairing shingles.

Why Should You Choose Green Sky Roofing ?

Choosing a roofing contractor can be a long process, especially if you’re not familiar with roofing repairs or insurance claims. Green Sky Roofing has a long history of working very closely with insurance companies to ensure you’re getting a roof that matches your needs and budget.

By involving our team from the beginning, we will give you a completely transparent look at what you need to do to properly make your insurance claim and ensure you get the payout your insurance company promised you.

Are you looking to make an insurance claim on your roof? Contact the team at Green Sky, Inc. and take control of your roof repair today.

Written by Eric Vezina

Eric is an industry expert with formal education in carpentry and history as a general contractor. He knows his stuff and makes sure everyone on the team has the skills and determination to meet his exceptionally strong standards.
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