Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestrough: The Hockey Visor of Home Protection

While your roof and siding carry a heavy load when it comes to protecting your family, a vital component of your exterior system is the Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestrough. Helping guide away runoff from the inevitable rain and snow storm is an important part of keeping your entire home dry.


How do I know I need new Eavestroughs?

1. Is there excess water or buildup near the foundation in the 


2. Are ridges forming around the foundation? 

3. Are your Eavestroughs sagging?

4. Are the gutters pulling away from the roof? 

5. Do you see streaks or water marks on the siding of your home? 

6. Are there water marks on the Eavestrough? 

7. Are there cracks or peeling paint on the Eavestrough? 

8. Are your gutters clogged with debris? 

9. If you pour water in your Eavestrough, does it drain? 

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Why do I need new Eavestroughs?

Eavestroughs help to direct water away from your homes foundation, avoiding floods and damage to your home.  Gutters are placed slightly higher on one end of your home to direct water towards the downspout. As the water falls in to the downspout, it will be directed away from the house with a 6-foot kicker.  You can lift this kicker up when you know there is no rain to make walking around your home easier. 

It's winter, why should I care about my Eavestroughs?

During the colder months when the snow is falling, don’t forget to keep an eye on your gutters.  If you notice that snow is piling up around the edge of your roof, there is a chance that your gutters are too small.  The problem with that, is that it becomes very easy for ice to build up and prevent water from properly draining, which will lead to ice damming, and water damage to the inside of your home.  

What are leaf guards?

To prevent debris from clogging up your Eavestroughs, leaf guards are placed on top of your gutter to catch leaves and other debris. These allow your gutters to stay clear, which will help water to drain from your roof preventing water damage to the inside of your home. 

What type of caulking do you use?

We use premium caulking on the corners to seal up any possible leaks.  Our Eavestroughs have a one year warranty, and occasionally (though not often) your home will need a re-application of premium caulking after the initial install.  This small repair is covered by our warranty. 


Without Soffits, homeowners would see the underside of their roofs, beams and all.  This is an eyesore that is easily covered up with nice looking Soffit.  This is not their primary purpose however.  Soffit will also help your roof breathe.  It will protect the beams from mould and rot after rain and the winter months.  During the summer, Soffit helps to let the heat escape your home.  


At the edge of your roof, likely behind the Eavestroughs, you will see a board that wraps around the perimeter of your home.  This is known as your fascia.  It helps to support everything around it; gutters, soffit, and shingles. 

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